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It can not be guaranteed that the objectives of a project can be met without identifying the things that could happen and affect them. These uncertain events are what we call risks.

Thus, risk management must be an integrated part of the management of a project, program or portfolio. Today projects are increasingly complex and are developed in uncertain environments, so using agile or hybrid methodologies is fashionable.

In the seminar we will analyze how to manage risks regardless of the type of project and the approach to be used, explaining cases and appropriate tools & techniques.

Speaker’s Profile

Dr. Angel Najera directs a consulting and training company specialized in project and portfolio management.

He is an expert in the different project management frameworks and internationally recognized methodologies. He holds a doctorate in project management from the University of Alicante and has managed projects for more than 20 years in different sectors and companies in Europe, both public and private.

He participates in social innovation projects in Asia and one of his most notable areas of expertise is the implementation of processes in organizations, as well as the integration of risk management.



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